quilt prep


Proper preparation of your quilt top and quilt back is essential to a good result, so please read the following instructions carefully!


  • The  three layers of your quilt will be loaded on the machine independently of one another.
  • Please do not pin or baste them together.
  • The batting and backing should measure at least eight inches longer and eight inches wider than your quilt top.

quilt top

  • Press seams well.  Be sure the top lies flat.  Ripples and puffy places will not necessarily quilt flat. Take care that the borders do not ripple and wave.
  • The top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, beads and crystals.
  • Clip all loose threads and be sure the seams have been pressed.
  • A row of stay stitching, applied 1/4 inch or less from the edge of the quilt, will prevent stretching and will keep seems that extend to the edges from separating.
  • If your quilt has a definite "top", and you think we might not recognize it, apply a piece of masking tape to identify it.


  • If you send batting, check the package to be sure it is suitable for machine quilting.
  • We stock batting.  We have 80/20 cotton blend on hand.


  • Please trim off the selvage edges before seaming your backing.  Sides should be straight, and the backing squared. (A better term would be "rectangle."  Your backing should have straight edges, with opposite edges parallel.  Corners should be right angles.)
  • Bed sheets are usually not suitable because of their high thread count.
  • Be aware that it is not possible to center the top over the backing in both directions.  A backing with a center monogram, or border, is likely to be "off" in the final product.